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“I love Off-roading and getting out in the dirt, whether its on a technical rock obstacle or hauling butt in the desert or tearing it up in the dunes, its all Floggin, I love every bit of it and that is how the Flog brand was born.

My other passion is creating things and seeing people enjoy them!  One day I had an idea that I wanted to somehow combine the the two things I love to do most and that’s what drove me to start designing offroad parts.”

Kev Cooke-   Founder

And that’s how the FLOG INDUSTRIES products where born!  Our first priority is Quality. We never want to allow an inferior product to go out the door. So with that in mind, every design we create, every material we use and every process must meet premium quality standards before it can have the Flog Industries Brand.

We are raising the bar for quality standards in the offroad industry and we know that a huge part of that has to do with USA manufacturing so we are committed to being an American Made Products Company.


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