Shortly after we released our stubby front bumper for the Jeep JK, we got way more requests than we expected  for a JK full-width bumper. The good news is we were already onto it. We’ve been testing a full-width modular design that allows you to transform your Flog stubby bumper into a full-width bumper. It will have light mounting brackets that accept either a stock fog light or a Rigid-style square LED light.

Here’s how our test-run version looks (not quite finished), but we’d love to have your input before we take a final design into production.




Do ya like it? …hate it?

If you’re one of those that prefers full-width, what’s the reason? Looks or function? Do you like the idea of bolt-on end pieces in case you ever decide to take them off or would you prefer it welded?

We’d love to know of ways we can fine-tune this and make it better, so when you leave a comment below you’ll be helping us make the best product possible.

Thanks for your input, it’s heard and appreciated.