Fuel Transfer Tanks

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Removable Mud Punishers (Mud Flaps)

Removable Mud Punishers (Mud Flaps)

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Work Demon Series Headache Rack

Flog Industries done it again, Revolutionizing the fuel transfer system for today's consumer.

BENEFITS :   Our SD TRUCKS Dual cell fuel tank holds  50 gallons in one side, and 30 gallons in the other side giving you the ultimate fuel combination for your needs, be it motorsports, commercial use, construction etc.  

FEATURES:   We proudly offer you the best solution for your needs with benefits such as low profile pump mounts allowing you to run most any brand of bed cover with your fuel tank which allows for secure bed storage, our 2 compartment storage bin on the front of the tank allows for hose storage on the 2 sides and gives you the center compartment for chains, straps, miscellaneous parts etc.

METAL STRUCTURE:  Our SD TRUCKS Fuel tank is constructed of 14 Gauge carbon steel giving it a robust defense against cracking, dents, expansion warpage etc. 

FINISH:  All of our SD TRUCKS Fuel Tanks are plated with a Prismatic Powders, Hammered Black Powder coat finish giving you the most robust finish in the industry that also matches most bed liners.

WARRANTY:   Our SD TRUCKS Fuel Tank has a 1 year warranty against any manufacture defects such as welds cracking etc.   The paint is not covered under this warranty because Fuel is known to eat , corrode any finish.   

PUMPS:  All of our SD TRUCKS Fuel tanks are designed to work with GPI Fuel Pumps, Model # M-150S-AU     & Fill-Rite 15 GPM (part# FR610HA)

REASONS TO BUY:   Because you've always wanted a good fuel tank and our SD Trucks fuel tank is the perfect solution to your needs. 


Fuel Tank Dimensions

W: 30 1/4 ''      H: 18 1/4 ''      L: 60'' 

Weight: 235