Do the bumpers come painted?

The bumpers ship Paint Ready (raw steel prepped for paint) so you can have them painted or powder coated to your exact specifications!


How much does the bumper weigh?

The weight varies between models, but on average our Steel Bumpers weigh close to 60 LBS more than a factory bumper.

(LightGuard, BeastMode, Bullguard or WinchBox are NOT included in the average weight)

 Shipping weight is typically 200-300 lbs including the crate, packaging etc.


Why do I need a commercial address?

We recommend collaborating with a paint or powder coat shop, or accessories dealer.. here's why >>>

While it is not a requirement that we ship to a commercial address, it will significantly reduce shipping cost..  

Freight companies offer a discount for commercially zoned business who typically have either a loading dock or fork lift for unloading.

Residential addresses require a lift gate truck which is an additional freight charge.


What's the difference between premium and standard pocket inserts?

Our standard inserts are an open pocket style while the premium inserts are an enclosed design.

Here's a link to more info and some photos >>>

 Info here....

What is your Lead time?

All bumpers are made to order so we have an average of 3-4 weeks Turn around.

What lights fit the pockets and guards.

Our light mounting bracketry will accomodate MOST brands of LED cubes and Light bars.

If you need recommendations, here's some of our favorite companies>>>

Black Oak LED 

Ridged Industries

OLB Lights

What size light bar fits in the grille guards?

Some of our grille guards house an LED light bar, here's the light sizes>>>

*Jeep LightGuard- 20' single row LED

*BullGuard- 30" single row LED

*LightGuard- 30" curved double row LED

*Mini Beast- 30" single row LED


How do I find a dealer in my area?

You can find dealers from the main menu drop down 


I have more questions, is there a number I can call? 

You can reach us @ 435-625-1505

Mon-Fri  8:00am - 5:00pm MST


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