Shipping Information

The following are the dimensions of our shipping items. It is important to note that additional purchases may result in altered weight and dimensions. Thank you.       

Standard Front Bumper                              Length "88     Width "27    Height "26

Standard Rear Bumper                               Length "88     Width "22    Height "20

Standard Double - Front & Rear Bumper    Length "88    Width "37    Height "26

OBS Front & Rear                                        Length "79     Width "15    Height "15

OBS Double                                                Length "79     Width "27    Height "17

UTV                                                              Length "31     Width "18    Height "12

Accessories                                                 Length "8      Width "8     Height "8

Grille                                                            Length "36     Width "10    Height "10

Guards                                                        Length "79     Width "15    Height "15

Fuel Tanks                                                  Length "57     Width "31    Height "25


Shipping Prices and weights vary


How much does the bumper weigh?

The weight varies between models, but on average our Steel Bumpers weigh close to 60 LBS more than a factory bumper.

(Guards, Tow Hooks, Skid Plates, Winch Trays and any other added accessories are NOT included in the average weight)

 Shipping weight is typically 180-300 lbs (single) 200-300 (double) including the wooden crate, packaging etc.


Why do I need a commercial address?

We recommend collaborating with a paint or powder coat shop, or accessories dealer.. here's why >>>

While it is not a requirement that we ship to a commercial address, it will significantly reduce shipping costs.

 Freight companies offer a discount for commercially zoned businesses with a loading dock or forklift for unloading.

Residential addresses require a lift gate truck which is an additional $100 - $200 freight charge.