About us

Flog Industries is located in Southern Utah, home of Zion National Park and the increasingly famous Sand Hollow Recreation Area.          Here in Southern Utah we grew up knowing the term FLOGGIN to mean the same as what most people in the Off-Road world call MOBBIN, or TEARING IT UP! 

We started the FLOG brand so that we could share our passion for the Off-Road Motorsports Lifestyle that shaped us into who we are. 

As we continued to follow our passions (and other off-road paths), we got into building armor for our trucks to withstand the abuse or FLOGGING we were dishing out, and that led to the FLOG BUMPER being created.

What started as a farm fab rough-cut design quickly evolved into something a lot more, as the design progressed so did the quality, and we began to attract high end truck builders.                                We now offer multiple bumper options to serve both the Work Trucks as well as the weekender and Show Trucks!

Our mission at FLOG is to achieve the highest quality standards in every piece we make, both in design and in form.                                   We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. You are in good hands with Flog Industries!