Frontier!! The Ultimate Heavy Duty ranch bumper by Flog!

When we think of the wild Frontier, we think wildlife!  We think of a rugged place that comes with many unexpected surprises in driving conditions such as weather, blind spots throughout mountain passes that create those unforeseen circumstances for incidents.  

Here at Flog Industries our number 1 goal is to Protect the occupants of the vehicle at all cost.   #1 make sure the occupants are safe, #2 make sure the vehicle can still function so the occupants don't get caught in a blizzard without heating, the ability to stay warm until help arrives.   

With these key factors in mind, our engineering team went to work and produced a bumper line that we are truly proud of, and we can honestly say that we feel like we have accomplished what we set out to. 

Through Strength by design, our Frontier model bumper is made to withstand the toughest work thrown at it, whether that be in daily use from the winch, tow hooks etc. or in the case of an incident.  This bumper model comes in many variations, ensuring we have the variation that's right for you            

When you invest in our Frontier model bumper, you not only invest in the Protection and Longevity  of your vehicle, but also in your personal protection and health. 

Categories this model best serves in,

Ranching, Farming, Construction, Fleet vehicles, Personal truck, Family vehicle.

Stay safe, Go Protected!! 

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