GMC Sierra 2500/3500 (2020 +) Front Bumper

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GMC Sierra HD 2500/3500 (2020 +) Steel Demon Series, Front Bumper

Premium Bumpers that look good on the street yet perform well off-road. Our bumpers are created using high quality materials and hardware that will give your truck a sleek, revolutionary style while combining durability and functionality. Our modular design allows you to personalize your bumper, choose from:

  • - Bolt on light pockets (pod pockets)- are interchangeable and allow many light configurations
  • - Bumper grille inserts- allow you to match other after market grilles
  • - Bolt on open ended strap hook
  • - Bolt on full guard options (beast mode)
  • Bolt on pre-runner guard option (light guard)


    This bumper model is a direct fit for the (2020 +) GMC Sierra HD Truck Part #FISD-G2535-2020+F


    All base model bumpers include:

    • - 1 piece aluminium Mesh grille
    • - Steel 'Tugz' tow-hook system
    • - Black Paintable spike bolt caps
    • - Stainless steel pocket mounting hardware
    • - All required mounting hardware with grade 8 bolts
    • - A large Quantity of badassery!!


    • - 1/8"  thick carbon steel bumper accessories 
    • - 1/4"  thick carbon steel mounting and reinforcement brackets
    • - 3/16" thick carbon steel bumper shell
    • - 1/2"  thick carbon steel 'Tugz' tow hooks
    • - Paint Ready Finish (RAW STEEL)


    Our warranty covers against any manufacturing defects.

    • 100% made in the USA. Designed, produced, and assembled in Washington, Utah.  All bumper's have a 3 week turn-around with a 1 week variable.
    • Bumper is shipped raw steel (paint ready) may require additional sanding.
    • All sales are final