Customer Testimonials





I strongly believe it's important that a bumper is engineered to give when it matters. I grew up working up on a ranch and spent many years working on other ranches as an adult. The one thing every ranch has is a work truck with aftermarket bumpers. I've seen many bumpers and how they react in a collision, whether it's wildlife, another truck, or even just a fence. I was always fascinated by what I saw and learned. Somer were so big and heavy that they caused over three times more damage than a factory bumper would cause on impact. Some so light duty that a small animal would damage them beyond repair.

I saw bumpers so heavy the trucks were needing front-end work done constantly and going through tires at an unusual rate. I started asking myself the question, what constitutes the perfect bumper? And why is it so hard to make them look good at the same time?? Well time went on and before I knew it I was joining a bumper company!

One of my first conversations with my business partner was, how do we combine functionality, structural integrity, and cosmetics? We spent the entire next year working on design after design until we came up with the design we currently sell. It's lightweight, incredibly functional, designed not to cause more damage in a collision but at the same time protect the operator and hopefully keep the vehicle in commission! One more perk... it looks good! 

With lines designed to match the truck, it goes on! To this day our bumpers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in damaged trucks, downtime, and even operator medical bills.When you purchase from Flog Industries you are supporting a small privately owned, american-made business. You are supporting a small-town economy, better yet, the american economy. we thank you for your support and we look forward to servicing your bumper needs! 

- Sincerely, Nathan Harker